Pure 2 Improve

Pure 2 Improve Practice Cup

Pure 2 Improve Practice Cup
Pure 2 Improve

Pure 2 Improve Practice Cup


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Pure 2 Improve Practice Cup
This is the perfect target for practising at home or office, or as a practice hole (on the turf) and on crowded practice greens. The concept behind this practise cup is to visualise the right line and improve speed on different length putts. The Practice cup's unique horseshoe shape forces players to hit to the high side of the hole. This helps players improve the accuracy of their line and speed on putts of all lengths. It fits in a standard size golf hole and has a 2.75" opening that forces the player to make putts in the high side. The cup also has a small hole opening makes real holes appear larger once the player is out on the course.

The Practice Cup Features:

  • Putt Pocket
  • Base Weight
  • 2.75" Opening
  • Fits a Standard Golf Hole
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