Rife RX5 Distance 12 Golf Ball Pack


Rife RX5 Distance 12 Golf Ball Pack


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Rife RX5 Distance 12 Golf Ball Pack
The Rife RX5 golf ball has been optimised to increase distance performance. It has a 2-piece construction that features a high energy core to increase ball speed for added yards of distance.

The RX5 Ball Features:

  • High Energy Core
  • Dupont Surlyn Ionomer Cover
  • Advanced Dimple Pattern
  • Explosive Distance

High-Energy Core

Fast initial velocity at ball impact is achieved thanks to the highly engineered reactor core and cover. The blend of materials used, bonds to the core to transfer more energy to the golf ball for extraordinary ball speed and launch at impact.

Advanced Cover

It has an exclusive Dupont Surlyn cover with a technologically advanced dimple design. The dimples reduce aerodynamic drag to cut through the air with more stability, ensuring consistent distance. The cover is also shear resistant for long-lasting performance.
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