TaylorMade Z-Spin Wedge


TaylorMade Z-Spin Wedge


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TaylorMade Z-Spin Wedge
The Z-Spin wedge has been developed to provide high-spin performance, with precision formed face and grooves. The head has been constructed with a 431 stainless steel, with mirror chrome finish, and has a Tour-validated sole shape for better turf interaction.

The Z-Spin Wedge Features:

  • Hi-Spin Performance
  • Precision-Formed Face & Grooves
  • 431 Stainless Steel Head & Mirror Chrome Finish
  • 2-Year Guarantee & True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft / Lamkin UTX Grip
The wedge offers exceptional performance, and increased stopping power to give you more control and accuracy around the green, and comes fitted with premium components, a True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft and a Lamkin UTX grip.

What is Bounce?

Bounce refers to the angle of between the sole of the club and the lead edge of the face when in a neutral address position. Low bounce (4-6 degrees) is best for firm turf conditions. Standard bounce (7-10 degrees) offers a good range and can been used in normal conditions and bunkers. High bounce (10+ degrees) is ideal for soft turf or sand.
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