Rife RX7 Laser Rangefinder


Rife RX7 Laser Rangefinder


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Rife RX7 Laser Rangefinder
Gain a competitive edge when playing golf, with the RX7 laser rangefinder. Sleek in design, providing highly accurate distance calculations to within 0.5m of distance.

The Rife Rangefinder Features:

  • Objective & Receiving Lens
  • Slope Adjusted Distance / Vibration Flagpole Lock
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Protective Carry Case

Different Modes

Offering an extensive range of targeting skills, and a subtle vibration to state you have acquired your target. This highly accurate laser device gives you the confidence to select the right club with slope-adjusted measurement calculations that can be switched on and off if required. This information can all be displayed in yards or meters to give you a better understanding of the readings.


The rangefinder has power and measurement buttons and an eyepiece adjuster to give you a clear and precise performance. It also comes complete with a premium carry case to protect and store as you play golf.
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