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Shot Scope PRO LX+ Laser, GPS & Shot Tracking

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Shot Scope PRO LX+ Laser, GPS & Shot Tracking


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The first of its kind the PRO LX+ offers 3 products in one, a fast firing laser rangefinder, GPS distances and shot tracking. The combination of distances to the pin, F/M/B of greens, hazards and the ability to track your game makes the PRO LX+ the most complete device on the market - providing all of the on-course technology you need in one system.

The Shot Scope Rangefinder Features:

  • PRO LX+ (PRO LX Laser + H4 Handheld GPS)
  • 16 x Tracking Tags
  • Protective Carry Case / USB Charger / CR123 Battery
  • Free iOS / Android App & Statistics Platform

Hit the Target

For ease and convenience, PRO LX+ includes features such as 36,000+ preloaded courses, slope technology, custom red or black optics and target-lock vibrations. PRO LX+ comes with free course updates and no subscription, as with all Shot Scope products. The comfort stability grip and Target-Lock vibration feedback enable the golfer to hit their target with confidence. PRO LX+ uses Shot Scope’s new Rapid-Fire detection to provide distances to the pin quicker than ever before. The x7 magnification and red or black dual optics ensures the display on the PRO LX+ is clear and readable in all conditions. Adaptive Slope technology allows the golfer to select the correct club taking the uphill/downhill into account. Slope can be turned off to comply with the Rules of Golf. PRO LX+ has a range of 900 yards, distances are available in yards or metres and are accurate to 1 yard.

Shot Tracking

Shot Scope’s 16 plug-n-play tags allow you to effortlessly track each shot on the course and after playing, analyse 100’s of performance statistics, including strokes gained. On average golfers improve by 4.1 shots when using Shot Scope performance tracking products. The 16 tags simply screw into the end of each golf club. To record a shot, tap the tag against the GPS screen. The device will vibrate and the club tag will also be shown on the screen to confirm successful club detection.

PinCollect Technology

PinCollect technology lets the golfer mark the location of the flag to produce highly accurate approach shot, short game and putting statistics. While playing golf, PRO LX+ enables you to view how far your last shot has travelled, pause your round to hit a few practice shots around the green, start a timer for a lost ball and also add penalty shots while on the course.

Statistics Platform

Dive into 100’s of statistics and insights about your game on the free Shot Scope mobile app or web dashboard. Learn more about your game than ever before with statistics such as; average club distances, your best short game club, where you miss the green most often and much more. Compare your game against other amateur golfers with Shot Scope’s innovative handicap benchmarking. Strokes Gained provides a method of comparing every aspect of your game against defined handicaps, such as a scratch golfer, a 10 handicap or a 20 handicap. Whatever your golfing goal may be, use strokes gained to help you set realistic golfing goals and ambitions for the year ahead.

The PRO LX+ can be used in multiple ways to give the golfer unrivalled freedom on the course. The GPS and tracking device is attached to the laser with a strong magnet, this allows the products to separate and be used independently. A range of attachments allow the GPS to be attached to your bag, stuck to your cart or clipped onto your belt. The best way to track your game is by using the metal clip provided to attach the GPS handheld to your belt or pocket.

Compete against Shot Scope users all around the world with Leaderboards and Medals. Create custom leaderboards to compete directly against your friends and earn medals for all kinds of achievements on the course. Shot Scope’s course hub allows you to virtually ‘join’ any course in the world and view all rounds played on that course by Shot Scope users. This can be used to help you plan a strategy for a new course you are yet to play. Share exciting moments from your round on social media with the bird’s eye hole overviews and social graphics. Alternatively, upload a picture from your round to share with details of your round and score.

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