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Srixon Ulti Soft Golf Balls

The ultimate in feel, these Srixon Ulti Soft golf balls’ characteristics are ideal for golfers with low-mid swing speeds at getting the best distance and control in every shot.

Super Low Compression E.G.G. Core

Srixon has created the golf ball with a super low compression E.G.G core which provides outstanding feel on every single golf shot. The low compression E.G.G. core creates a high launch angle with lower spin rate for longer, straighter distance.


Srixon has used its softest core and extremely thin soft cover structure made of RABALON HR+ and PANA-TETRA to enhance feel and short game control. 324 speed dimples enhance the aerodynamics of the golf ball which can suppress air resistance in flight and produce strong trajectory against wind.

The Srixon Ulti Soft Golf Balls are available now at American Golf.