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New Golf Shorts for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

With laws softening around golfers only wearing long trousers on the greens, golf shorts have grown in popularity. Ideal for the warmer months of the year, but wearable for all seasons, golf shorts are stylish and lightweight, while staying traditional to the look and feel of golf trousers.

This buying guide to golf shorts covers everything from choosing the design and fit through to which materials will give players the best performances on the greens.

Golf shorts materials

Golf shorts are made from the same fabrics and materials as other clothing ranges. Players feel more comfortable when wearing similar clothing, and at American Golf we only stock the best golf shorts on the market.

Golf shorts are predominantly made from polyester or wool, both of which are used widely by athletes. The Nike Golf Flat Front Shorts 2017 , PING Kane Shorts , PUMA Golf Essential Pounce Shorts , adidas Golf Ultimate Shorts and Callaway Golf Chev Tech II Shorts are all made from majority polyester construction.

Golf shorts also benefit from moisture-wicking fabrication, which helps players remain cool and dry during their round. Moisture wicking is probably the most common technology found in summery attire, largely because it is worn during warm weather. Perspiration that occurs during the game can cause all sorts of displeasure, and has been known to force golfers into making fatal errors of judgement in their games. Moisture wicking fabrications quickly act to stop the perspiration before it can get onto the skin, and then pushes it away where it is evaporated.

Golf Shorts


Skorts are skirts designed for female golfers, which help make movement on the greens a lot easier than tight-fitting trousers. Some skorts will have moisture-wicking properties to make golfing even more comfortable, especially in warm weather conditions.

A selection of the best women’s golf skorts are available now at American Golf, including the Green Lamb Terri Ladies Skort, Green Lamb Trady Patt Ladies Skort, Daily Sports Nell Ladies Skort, Calvin Klein Printed Rib Top Ladies Skort, GOLFINO Techno Stretch Ladies Skort, Galvin Green Nora Ladies Skort, adidas Golf Ladies Skort, Royal & Awesome King of Diamonds Ladies Skorts, PING Domenique Ladies Skort and GOLFINO Techno Stretch Ladies Skort.

Golf shorts designs

Golf shorts are like golf trousers in that they offer storage options for golf balls, ball markers, and other small items. Most golf brands follow the same guidelines; pockets front and back; ideal storage for golf tees, golf balls and scorecards. Pockets are practically a certainty with golf shorts, much like they are with golf trousers, and almost any pair that you purchase will have them, though not all offer a back pocket.

Golf Shorts

We stock a huge range of golf trouser for men, women and junior players, as well golf skorts for women, from all the biggest brands, including addias, Nike, PING, Galvin Green, Daily Sports, FootJoy, PUMA, Stromberg, Palm Grove, GOLFINO, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Callaway, Royal & Awesome.