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New Golf Sunglasses for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Sunglasses for golfers are designed to protect the eyes, enhance vision, and feel comfortable from first tee to last, in all weather. Golfers who seek a stylish pair of shades will find this buying guide perfect for providing useful information to help players choose the correct pair of sunglasses.

This buying guide will also help golfers learn the differences between golfing sunglasses and regular sunglasses – finding the right pair for you. Golf sunglasses are the best way to enjoy golf in all weathers without losing visibility on overcast mornings or rain-drizzled afternoons, and are available from some of the biggest brands, including BLOC and Dirty Dog.

Golf vs regular sunglasses: What are the differences?

Golf sunglasses are designed slightly differently to regular sunglasses. Most golf sunglasses feature unique technology that helps protect they eyes from adverse conditions on the golf course. They also promote greater vision quality and contrast, whilst promoting improved comfort and durability.

Good quality golf sunglasses can absorb blue light, resulting in greater of colour contrasts, and will also make green colours more defined--the white of the golf ball is easier to see against a green background. Blue or grey coloured skies are muted to let you concentrate only on the golf ball, and hitting your shots.

Frames are also different for golf sunglasses, tending to be smaller in size, especially around the bottom of the lens. Some sunglasses don’t have a frame around the bottom at all, however, and this is said to enhance the wearer’s vision of the golf ball when looking down (thicker frames can interfere with a golfer’s vision and cost them valuable points).

Lenses made specifically for golf sunglasses are cut differently from regular ones. Golf frames reduce distortion in the lower part of the lens so that the wearer is able to focus only on the golf ball. Golf sunglasses are also incredibly lightweight and durable; made from polycarbonate or titanium, they should stay in place and sit securely on the head when moving around the greens.

Golf Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses eye protection

Good quality golf sunglasses must provide 100% UV protection. While some golfers enjoy wearing polarised shades, others find they interfere with depth perception and other cause other visual issues. Of course, this all comes down to personal preference, so whether choosing polarised or non-polarised sunglasses, it doesn’t really matter a great deal, so long as they work for you. Polarised sunglasses will reduce glare on the golf course, so they definitely need to be considered in order to avoid the risk of eye damage caused by too much exposure from the sun.

A selection of the best golf sunglasses available now include the BLOC Titan Sunglasses Box Set, BLOC Daytona Sunglasses, BLOC Cruise Sunglasses, BLOC Scorpion Sunglasses, BLOC Shadow Sunglasses, Dirty Dog Monza Sunglasses, Dirty Dog Edge Sunglasses, Dirty Dog Sly Sunglasses, Dirty Dog Axle Sunglasses and Dirty Dog Alternator Sunglasses, among many others.

Choosing lens options

Choosing the best golf sunglasses means checking the best lenses are in them. Various coloured lenses can make a big difference to individual performances. It pays to take time and explore your options here.

Copper Lenses: Helps improve depth perception, causes slight colour distortion, but will increase colour contrast to make fairways more distinct in various conditions.

Yellow Lenses: Perfect for cloudy days. Glare is reduced, and contrast improved by utilising a darker tint to enhance visual sharpness.

Grey Lenses: Ideal for bright, sunny days. Blacks out bright light and helps to keep colours true. Perfect for golfers who do not like sunglasses which distort colours.

Amber Lenses: Blocks out blue light and increases contrast of green colours. The ideal choice for changeable weather conditions.

The above lens colours are the most common, but you can also choose other options such as violet, brown, rose and blue.

Golf sunglasses are available in a variety of colours, sizes and quality, but they should definitely be considered by all players looking to play the game year-round. Check out our range of golf sunglasses today from American Golf.