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2018 Golf Club Accessories

Deciding which golf club accessories to use, and which ones should to leave can be tricky. Fortunately, this comprehensive buying guide for golf club accessories – from best brand and product, through to their advantages and downsides, has everything for golfers to help them find the best products for new – or old – golf equipment.

Golf Head Covers

Headcovers protect golf clubs from adverse weather conditions, while reducing damage to clubs knocking together inside a players’ golf bag.

Headcovers offer excellent protection for golf drivers, golf fairways, golf putters and golf irons, and are made by some of the biggest golf brands on the market. There are novelty head covers and the more professional models. A combination of our favourite golf head covers this year includes the TaylorMade Leather Putter Cover, Masters Golf Neoprene Iron Covers, Premier Licensing Liverpool Heritage Driver Head Cover, Masters Golf Retro Driver Head Cover, Callaway Golf Vintage Driver Head Cover, Winning Edge Golf Headcover Range, TaylorMade STAR WARS C3PO Pom Head Cover, Odyssey Boxing Mallet Head Cover.

Golf Grips

Golf grips are important to golf club performance, as without them players wouldn’t be able to gain purchase on their golf clubs and slippage will occur. Grips need to be fitted onto a golf club, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop around and enjoy the process of finding the perfect grip for your game.

Some of the best golf grips include the Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Grip, Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Grip, Lamkin Flat Cat Svelte Putter Grip, SuperStroke Legacy 3.0 Putter Grip, Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip, SuperStroke Legacy 5.0 Putter Grip.

View the golf grips buying guide for further information about buying, fitting and making the most from golf grips. Or, if you’ve already made up your mind on what grip to get, then head over to our golf grips section to browse our excellent ranges.

Golf Towels

Keep golf clubs dry by wiping away dirt using a good-quality golf towel. These towels are ever-evolving, becoming softer and more stylish, brighter and easier to store – and every golfer should have one to hand when playing a round, no matter the conditions.

Whether its microfibre, cotton or a little of both, golf towels will keep golf clubs nice and clean. We have a great range of golf towels from all the biggest brands, with some of the best golf towels including the Titleist Dri-Hood Towel, Callaway Golf TriFold Towel, PING Clip Towel, Srixon Tour Players Towel, TaylorMade Microfiber Cart Towel, Under Armour Golf Towel, Fazer Towel, Motocaddy Trolley Towel.

Golf Club Cleaning Products

Keep golf clubs clean from ground-in dirt with a cleaning product specially designed for golf clubs. Using cleaning products assures clubs remain in tip-top condition on the golf course, so working the grooves and crevices with a specially-designed brush can make a huge difference to both the longevity and quality of your equipment.

A selection of the best cleaning products include the Masters Golf Optimiser Club Cleaner, BiteBack Groove Sharpener, Groove Caddy Club Cleaner, Masters Golf Ball Cleaner and Tee Holder, Clicgear Trolley Shoe and Club Cleaner.