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New GPS Handheld Systems for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

GPS devices are the most popular gadget on the market today, being installed into cars, mobile phones and now golf products, too. Not many people are without a GPS device; however, some people are put off by the thought of downloading road maps and golf courses to their GPS devices, and so spurn the opportunity to own one themselves-- which quite honestly is a great shame as they work exceptionally well.

GPS devices are mainly about yardages, but there are plenty of other features to help golfers with their course management. Almost every device will give distances to the front of the green, or yardages to the front, centre and back of the greens, while most also provide measurements to two of three additional hazards at each hole.

What to check for before buying

Before picking up one of the many quality GPS devices available at American Golf, there are several things which should be taken into consideration.

It’s easy to be blinded by the wealth of technology packed into a GPS device, but there are a few important things to take on board and check for. First, make sure the GPS device is weather-hardened, depending on when and where you decide to play rounds of golf. Waterproof, rainproof, and impact-resistance are essential, so check the GPS you want has at least one, if not all, of these features. Also, an anti-glare screen will come in mighty handy during warmer weather, so check to see if the GPS device offers this.

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Improve your game with a GPS handheld device

As well as being excellent for course management, GPS handheld devices can also help you improve your own game. Most models now offer the option of being able to track your game: storing information about fairways hit, greens in regulation, driving distances and sand saves. For players who love their stats, or those who would like to better understand where they’re at as a player, should consider a GPS handheld device.

Pre-Loaded Golf Courses

Not all golfers want to download courses from their computers, while others may feel the membership fees are too expensive. And there’s the golfers who simply just want to ‘pick up and play.’ Whichever group you fall into, pre-loaded GPS devices are the perfect solution for a variety of reasons.

Pre-loaded GPS devices can store between 6,000 to a staggering 50,000 golf courses worldwide and are available for use right off the bat so they won’t cost a penny extra of a player’s hard earned cash. A pre-loaded GPS has all the necessary functions for an in-depth game of golf, including keeping pinpoint scores for you and a friend, shot distance measurements to front, middle and back of the green, flyover holes, dog-legs and hazards. It’s basically an electronic caddy offering invaluable advice as you play through each round.

A selection of the top golf GPS devices this year includes the Bushnell Phantom GPS, Izzo Swami 5000 GPS, Garmin Approach G30 GPS, Swing Caddie SC200 Pro Edition Launch Monitor, SkyCaddie Touch GPS, Garmin Approach G10 GPS

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