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Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley available now

Is this the best trolley Stewart Golf has ever developed? Based on the outstanding performances enjoyed from previous iterations such as the Z1 and Z3 push trolleys, it would have to take something remarkably special to take the crown as the best push trolley in the world. But the new Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley certainly has the credentials to mount a challenge, and here’s why…

Building on success

As mentioned above, golfers who purchased a Z1 or Z3 trolley would have been hard-pressed to find much fault in the sold design and stylish simplicity which they offered on the course. However, the R1 hasn’t tried to be something it isn’t; instead the whole design has simply built on the foundations of its predecessors – working through an intensive design and development process – yet not a single component has been carried over from the Z3 or any other trolley. The R1 is unique.

Conception and Design

The R1 Push Trolley is actually 33% smaller folding than its older Z3 counterpart, which anyone who owned a Z3 will tell you sounds an impressive – if also a little unbelievable – design feat. The smaller design has been achieved using a Rack & Pinion folding mechanism, meaning there’s now 40% more storage volume in the handle. The fully featured handle features a pencil holder, internal and external scorecard holders, bottle holder, magnetic ball marker, soft touch handles, 3 golf ball holders, an umbrella tube, large storage compartment and 4 accessory points. On top of this, the R1 is very lightweight and easy to push thanks to two bearings in each wheel which reduces the rolling resistance to a minimal level, meaning golfers can keep their energy saved up for when it comes time to hit some balls off the tee.

Stewart R1 Technology – the Nuts and Bolts

The lack of an external mechanism is reason to be cheerful, as this means the tubes are able to fold almost against one another, allowing the Stewart R1 the ability to fold a full 33% smaller than the older Z Series models. If a golfers issue in the past has been wheel space, or the lack thereof, more space can now be saved as all three wheels offer a quick-release. Rear wheels detach with ease, enabling the front wheel to come away with the lower bag support, leaving only the frame left to stow neatly away. The R1 also accommodates any kind of golf bag and features silicone bag straps to keep it perfectly secure both in transit as well as on the golf course.

Additional Key Points

The Stewart R1 Push Trolley should already have you won over, however if still unsure as to whether this is one of – if not the best – push trolley on the market right now, check out these points below:

Rack & pinion folding mechanism allows the R1 to fold 33% smaller than the Z series

Powder coated frame ensures protection corrosion and gives UV colour stability

Maintenance free airless tyres

Accommodates any type of golf bag

The Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley is available now at american golf.

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