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How a better grip can help cure your slice

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When we buy new golf clubs there is often a lot of focus on the head and shaft but very little thought is given to the grip. Tall golfers often need longer shafts as ones which are too short will not allow them to swing properly.

A similar theory can be applied to the grip because if it is too small for our hand size, we won’t be able to grip the club in the correct way. Having a grip which is too big can hamper those players who slice the ball. And a grip which is too small can promote a hook or a pull. To know if you have got the correct grip size for your hands, the fingers on the left hand should just be touching your palm when holding the golf club. If the grip is too small the fingers will be pressing hard into the palm, if it’s too big they won’t be touching at all.

Click on the video to see PGA pro Thomas Devine demonstrate the importance of having the right grip size.

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