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Golf Tips: How to warm up your body and mind for golf

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The warm up should make us relaxed, not tense, heading to the first tee. We’re pretty sure 90 per cent of all golfers are guilty of not warming up properly before a round of golf. Maybe we'll hit a few putts or at best we might even hit a few on the range. But warming-up properly before a round of golf is important for three key reasons.

We need the physically warm the body up and get our blood flowing to key areas. We can do this by stretching and repeating some of the moves our body will make when swinging a golf club. It is also vitally important to warm up the mind. We can do this by picking out particular targets on the range and testing ourselves in this way. But the third and possibly most important reason for a good warm up is to help us feel relaxed heading to the first tee. We shouldn't build-up the tension, we should be trying to ease it.

How many golfers take three or four holes before they start playing properly? Wouldn't it be nice to get going from the first hole?

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