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Ko Could Be Best Paid New Zealand Sportsperson

Lydia Ko is looking red hot right now. Her star is in the ascendancy and there looks to be no stopping her rise to stardom. And her coach expects similar success from her, stating that he thinks she could become the highest paid New Zealand sportsperson when the Kiwi amateur decides to finally turn professional.

Ko has continued to hint at a move into the pro ranks sometime in the next 12 months following a year in which she recorded two professional wins.

Guy Wilson, her coach, now says he’s constantly getting advances from various organisations hoping to invest in the 16-year-old, which would result in a healthy payday.

"Given the amount of money that there is in endorsements, the thing is with women's golf the cheques are so small compared to men's, and so I think the endorsements will be the ones that really crank it up," Wilson said.

He added: "When you're at events and that sort of thing, a lot of the managers and the companies try to make themselves known to you.”

Ko, however, seems reluctant to make the switch just yet, saying: "It will be definitely different to my lifestyle and stuff. And I think when I do turn pro I'll be away from home even more, so I'll miss that."

Lydia Ko is taking three months off golf to concentrate on her school before making a return to the golf course at a later date.