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Reviewed: Callaway Golf FT OptiForce Driver

The Callaway Golf FT OptiForce Driver has been designed for speed, and speed it delivers in abundance.

Following the simple design premise that, by making a club head lighter, the more aerodynamic the shot will be, Callaway has managed to increase the speed to allow for greater ball speeds than ever before, resulting in more distance gained from every swing.

The head features a VFT Hyperbolic Face that many Callaway golfers will likely now be familiar with, creating a larger sweet spot. The Fusion Technology (FT) combines a Forged Composite head with a titanium face that feels great and provides a wonderful crisp sound upon impact. The club is also more forgiving, too, particularly as the OptiForce design appears to have a relatively compact face for its head size.

Talk coming from Callaway claims the 440cc club head has 23% less drag than the X Hot Pro Driver, which has a similar sized head. And when compared to other golf clubs, this driver adds an extra 4 mph ball speed and an extra 10 yards carry thanks to its OptiForce club head.

The 440cc version sits well behind the golf ball and has a clean head, as opposed to the 460cc version which has a smaller alignment aid and some crown graphics. The 460cc version is also distinguished by the red graphic around the back of the sole.

As with all adjustable drivers on the market, the Callaway Golf FT OptiForce Driver covers most bases, despite it perhaps not being the most comprehensive of models. And although there’s no fade setting, reducing loft by a degree will also open the face slightly. We recommend coming to one of our american golf stores and getting professionally fitted before purchasing should you be unsure what is best for your particular swing.

The verdict is in and we’ve giving the Callaway Golf FT OptiForce Driver two very big thumbs up. It delivers in all areas where performance matters most; and more importantly it lives up to the high claims Callaway posted prior to its release. The head is faster and more devastating through the air, and feel and sound forgiveness are simply outstanding. A revamped Optifit hosel is much-improved upon previous variations and most golfers will find the new head size gives them far better distance quality.

The Callaway Golf FT OptiForce Driver is available now.