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Robert Allenby gives homeless woman $1000 for saving his life

Robert Allenby went public with his appreciation to the homeless woman who saved his life by giving her $1000 as a small token of gratitude for her kindness.

Allenby was attacked after he and a friend had finished a night of drinking at the up-market AMUSE Wine Bar in the beautiful surroundings of Honolulu, Hawaii.

However, things turned nasty when CCTV showed him being surrounded by up to five men, who are then alleged to have knocked the golfer unconscious, placed him in the boot of their car and later dumped him about 10km from his hotel beaten, bruised and bloodied.

In a recent interview about the attack, Allenby said: “I’m not really sure what hit me. I’m not sure if it was a fist or a bat. Obviously I’m in a lot of pain,” he said on the morning show.

“Next minute, I was thrown out of the boot of a car ... and on to the side (of the) street.

“You see a lot of things on movies — I’ve watched Taken quite a few times. It kind of felt pretty much the same as that. Very surreal.”

Allenby and Charade Keane, the woman who found him lying bloodied and confused at the side of the road, were reunited in front of the cameras, where the Srixon golfer expressed his gratitude.

“I appreciate what you did for me,” Allenby told Keane during a heartfelt embrace.

Allenby then presented the woman with the $1000, saying it wasn’t much but it would “at least get you meals and all that.”

“I know I don’t have to do it, but I’m going to and you have to take it,” he told the protesting Keane before one final embrace.