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Scott’s Masters Victory 25 Years In The Making

Masters Champion Adam Scott is still on his tour of America in his snazzy green jacket and had a revealing chat on ‘CBS This Morning’ err….in the morning.

Most people have jumped on the Australian’s claim that he’s confident Tiger Woods will go on to beat Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors.

The Woods comments will attract attention because of Scott’s caddie, Steve Williams’, frosty relationship with Tiger. The two parted company in 2011 and whilst Williams has been praised for his ability to get Adam over the line at the weekend, 14-time major champion Woods has gone five years without winning one of the game's four biggest tournaments.

Staying above the fracas between the former workmates Scott said he, "absolutely believe he [Woods] will," make it to Jack’s long lasting record.

But what really stood out for us was the effect his hero Gregg Norman’s dramatic loss in the 1987 Masters affected him.

"Ever since I saw Larry Mize chip in against Greg Norman in 1987. ... I was 6 years old. It broke my heart," Scott said. "I got to stay home from school. My mom was crying. The green jacket has meant so much to every Aussie kid for such a long time.”

So congratulations again Adam Scott; you’ve managed to throw a whole nations twenty five year old monkey off it’s back. It’s these stories that make victory in sport all the sweeter.

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