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Why get custom fit golf clubs?

The benefit of having your golf clubs custom fitted is that they will be perfectly suited to your measurements and game. Every aspect will be tailored to your game - not just your measurements, but your ball speed and launch. Buying a club which isn’t perfectly fit to you could leave you struggling to reach your potential, and no matter what level of experience, we would always recommend being custom fit before committing to buying. 

87% of all golfers who are custom fitted are able to reduce their handicap by at least 10% (, 2022).

How custom fit works


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[What are custom fit golf clubs?]

Custom fit golf clubs are fitted exactly to your specifications. Every aspect of the club, from the length and material of the shaft to the grip size and texture, will be perfected to you. The process involves measurements of your swing speed and approach to best inform our team of specialists which clubhead design, length, lie, and loft will be best suited to you. Put simply, custom fit golf clubs are clubs specifically designed for your game and your body. 92% of all golfers are playing with ill-fitting clubs (Sports Illustrated Golf Group, 2022).

[Does it cost anything to be custom fit?]

No, custom fitting at American Golf is free! We provide a game-changing service that is entirely complimentary, helping you find your perfect set of golf clubs for less.

[Can anyone have a custom fit appointment?]

Yes! Beginner or expert, we can help find the right clubs to improve your game with our 5* fitting experience!

[Are all clubs available to be custom fit?]

Not all of our golf clubs range are available to be custom fit. However, we have a huge variety of premium brands like PING, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway to name but a few. You will have a wide, reputable range to choose from and customised to your exact needs, so you need not sacrifice brand loyalty.

[How long will my appointment take?]

We recommend allowing up to one hour for custom fitting a full set of clubs, and 30-40 minutes for a select few clubs. We want to make sure we have plenty of time to take down all necessary details, including measurements and shot simulations, so we can find the best club(s) for you.

[How do I book a free appointment?]

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