You can recycle your electrical equipment

Why are we involved?

Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can deposit your old electrical products. This is a new requirement under UK legislation (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE Directive)

The aim of the legislation is to:

  • Make good use of the materials that make up old electrical equipment by recycling rather than disposing in landfill
  • Prevent the negative environmental effects of sending often hazardous electrical equipment to landfill

As a conscientious business, we have chosen to group together with other retailers in joining the ‘Distributor Take Back Scheme’. Through this scheme, we have paid toward the provision of improved recycling facilities for our customers.

How does this work in practice?

As an American Golf customer you will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participating ‘Household Waste Recycling Centres’ run by the local council. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be sure to remove any non-electrical products prior to leaving your goods for recycling.

Under the UK regulations, funding collected through the ‘Distributor Take Back Scheme’ has been distributed between all Local Authorities in the UK to ensure the provision of improved recycling facilities.

To remind you of the availability of these facilities and the importance of recycling, all new electrical equipment is now marked with a crossed out wheel bin symbol.

WEEE Recycling

Where to dispose of Electrical Equipment?

Wherever practical, old electrical waste should NOT be disposed of with your household waste.

You can locate your closest participating ‘Household Waste Recycling Centres’ at or by calling 08450 682 572. Please remember to have your postcode to hand.