iB Sweet Spot Black Golf Putter

iB Sweet Spot Black Golf Putter

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This exclusive dual-faced cylindrical putter from Ivan Ballesteros Golf Designs is crafted to perfection and offers a perfect balance. Now is the time to enhance your focus, aim, precision and achieve that consistent sweet spot impact we are all looking for on the green. A centered shaft helps provide greater stability in the direction of impact, as the club face is more balanced during setup. This promotes a better awareness of a square clubface, leading to more consistent impacts on the sweet spot and better alignment with the intended target.

This Putter features:

  • Assists in aiming accurately
  • Exceptional weight distribution
  • Create a controlled backswing
  • 1 Year Warranty and complies with the rules of golf


Experience improved concentration while executing your stroke. Designed to help you stay mentally engaged and deliver precise shots.


The putter’s design assists in aiming accurately at your target, allowing you to line up your shots with confidence.

Sweet Touch

Exceptional weight distribution and balance, enabling a smooth touch that promotes consistent strikes on the sweet spot.

Controlled Backswing

Its innovative design, distinct from traditional putters, encourages a controlled backswing, facilitating a pendulum-like motion on the correct plane.
The optimal balance of the head ensures stability and consistency in your putting stroke. Whether you strike the ball on the centre of the clubface or towards the edges, the balanced design of the putter head allows for better control and accuracy. With this well-calibrated balance, you can have confidence in your putts and improve your overall performance on the green.
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