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Limited Edition Cobra Golf BiO CELL White Fairway Wood available now

The geniuses at Cobra have created the latest masterpiece of the golfing world with the introduction of their Limited Edition White BiO CELL Fairway Wood – maximising distance from the fairway, rough and even the tee.

MyFly8™ Technology

The sleek new Cobra golf club has eight adjustable loft settings to make life so much easier on the greens. Squeezing the most distance possible from its clever design, the BiO CELL Fairway Wood allows players to better manage trajectory and helps optimise yardage gaps. Every game perfectly tuned for the golf course.

Face Insert (High Strength)

The Cobra Golf BiO CELL White Fairway Wood utilises a forged and thin, shallow high strength steel face inserts that has “driver-like construction” that enables more face flex and quicker golf ball speeds. As well as this, players also benefit from added distance and higher trajectory from the tee, fairway and even the dreaded rough.

BiO CELL and E9™ Face Technology

The mouth-watering combination of BiO CELL combined with E9 Face technology means that more weight has been removed from the face and crown – repositioned low and back to deliver super low CG and higher MOI.

The Limited Edition White BiO CELL Fairway Wood is available now from american golf.

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