Titleist TSR1 Golf Hybrid

Titleist TSR1 Golf Hybrid
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Titleist TSR1 Golf Hybrid


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Titleist TSR1 Golf Hybrid

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid is built for golfers seeking distance and stability in their hybrid game.

The Titleist Hybrid Features:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Configuration
  • Deep CG, High MOI
  • Confidence-Inspiring Shaping
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh Shaft / Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Plus Dark Grey Flat Cap Grip

Ultra-Lightweight Configuration

The TSR1 hybrid is built for ultra-lightweight speed and distance, stripped of every non-essential gram of weight from head to grip to ensure the lightest possible build without sacrificing performance.

Deep CG, High MOI

The TRS1 has a larger club head that allows for a deeper CG placement. A hybrid that achieves more speed and higher MOI through its enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

Confidence-Inspiring Shaping

The shaping of the TSR1 hybrid has been refined to make it as fast as possible through the air. To generate as much club head speed as possible for greater distance performance. It also has a larger “wood-type” profile that players will prefer, to give you the confidence to hit it from any lie. It also utilises a .335 fairway tip that is half an inch longer than prior generations for increased speed and launch.
“Keeping with the increased demand for higher lofted fairways from players, TSR1 hybrids are the most ‘wood-like’ hybrids we have ever made,” said Talge. “With a larger profile and a slightly longer shaft, TSR1 hybrids promote the speed and launch golfers may want from a fairway but with the added gapping flexibility to fit into the rest of the bag.”
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