Nikon Coolshot Lite Stabilizer Golf Rangefinder


Nikon Coolshot Lite Stabilizer Golf Rangefinder


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Was RRP 489,00 € Save 50 €
Now 439,00 €
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Nikon - Official Sponsors at the 151st Open.

The Coolshot Lite Stabilizer rangefinder allows you to experience an uncompromised, calm and steady view of the course thanks to Nikon’s stunning optics and STABILIZED technology.

The Nikon Rangefinder Features:

  • HYPER READ Technology
  • Slope Adjustment / Locked On
  • STABILIZED Technology / LCD Display
  • Lightweight / Compact / Weatherproof


Finding your target is made easier, just lock on and this innovative technology steadies your view by counteracting handshake and environmental factors.

Hyper Read Technology

Hyper Read Technology is a useful tool that ranges from 7.5 meters all the way up to 590 meters within +/ - 0.5 seconds. Instant measurements are visible on an LCD display, giving you time to focus on your next shot.

Slope Adjustment

The rangefinder has an ID technology mode feature that can be used at your discretion, when used it calculates any inclines or declines on the golf course as you range to give you a far more accurate distance measurement. Plus, you can use the Actual Distance Indicator LED, which signals compliance for competitive play. A provides a visual cue that lets your competition know that the ID technology mode is switched off, as slope compensation is prohibited during competitions.

Locked On

The Locked On function informs you of the distance to the closest subject, helping you target the pin and not a tree that might be in the background.

Light, Compact & Weather Friendly

Lightweight (170g) and compact, plus is weather-resistant to withstand a range of conditions and temperatures.
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